About us

     GoodLife was established in 2009 specializing in producing and exporting fresh agricultural products to all over the world. Being an experienced supplier in the past years, we – GoodLife have a strong commitment to food safety to provide our customers the best quality fresh fruit.

     At GoodLife Factory, we applied Agricultural High Technology - Vapor Heat Treatment (VHT) that is processing fruit by steam, imported directly from Japan by supplier Sanshu Sangyo Co., Ltd in order to produce more safety and high quality of Agricultural products for promoting more sales in global markets, like Japan, Korea, Australia and other potential markets in the world.

      In every steps from planting to harvesting are strictly controlled by Japanese agricultural experienced experts and Vietnamese agricultural professors. Therefore, our products are both in fresh quality and in safe standard
    With the area is 2ha at the Agricultural Hi – Teck Park, GoodLife factory is completed of construction at March 2012. The first processing material is dragon fruit with the expected output is 2500 – 3000 tons/year, GoodLife will be the place to perform and introduce high technology about the processing fruit, training farmer how to buid Global GAP procedures for fruit-growing zone to supply the material for the factory, the packinghouse of company. Thus, the company will create the chain production – collecting, packing – export.
GoodLife's Outline:

Company name



: March, 2009


: 7A/31 Thanh Thai Street, Ward 14, District 10, HCM City


: Lot 1G, Agricultural High Tech Park, Hamlet 1, Pham Van Coi Ward,Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City

 Packing house in 
Mekong Delta area

:190/6 Nguyen Thong Street, Hamlet 6, Hiep Thanh  Commune,  Chau Thanh District, Long An Province

 Business fields

: Vapor Heat Treatment, Packing & Exporting Fresh Fruit, Fruit processed products


:  5 Millions USD

 General Director

: Ms.Pham Ngoc Loan


: (84–28) 3799 0370


: www.goodlifejp.com



Respect the Individual, Society, and strive to enrich society in all ways, both materially and spiritually, through its business activities.


Integrity in mind, and aim to become a business enabler that can meet the needs of our customer.


Integrity: Acting in alignment with personal and professional standard and values; keeping agreements; interacting consistently at all time with every one, everywhere
Passion: All ways have passion in the heart with calm brain, focusing intensely on issues, with strong will and momentum to succeed
Challenge: Have the pioneer sprits, and undertaking new things with strong minds with creativity and ingenuity
Visionary: Possessing a clear picture or idea of a desired future; communicating that vision and leading others to its achievement
Diversity: Respect and accept the differences of individuals, making use of the diversity to enhance results

Fresh fruit for Good Life, Good Life for everyone


GoodLife Holdings was established by T.L.K Group.


Vapor Heat Treatment for fresh fruit to export” Project was officially permitted and started in Ho Chi Minh City Agricultural High – Tech Park


The construction of GoodLife Factory was completed & the operation officially started


Australia market opened door for Vietnam dragon fruit: GoodLife became one of the earliest exporters had 1st shipment of Dragon Fruit to Australia

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